That cursor, it just sits there flashing. Patiently waiting for my mind to string together some symbols that somehow make up a word, a sentence, a paragraph. All these characters that we have somehow identified with meaning. Lines on a page. Mean a thousand different things. Words are powerful.

I read recently that humans aren’t designed for written language. If you stuck a group of children on an island, they’d figure out a way to speak to each other, but they wouldn’t feel a need to create a written language. It’s pretty foreign to us, our eyes aren’t exactly designed to process these symbols on a page. But somehow our brain has managed and very efficiently.

That’s a crazy thing to someone who feels so connected to their ability to put words on a page. It’s not something that we have evolved to do, the written word hasn’t been around long enough for us to evolve. To adapt to it. Evolution is much slower than that.

I’m not really sure what that all means, I haven’t finished the book yet, and I’m not quite sure how to make sense of it myself. It seems like it matters though, it’s a pretty unique ability for a mammal to create a written language, one that is processed by an entirely different part of our brains then our speaking, and listening centers. It’s wild, and it’s crazy how much we still don’t know about ourselves, let alone this world we live in. Probably things we will never know, which just makes every day that much more exciting.