I’ve been reading War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Rereading it. Which is funny because I had been putting off reading it for so long. Yesterday I finally made myself start. I knew I’d been avoiding it for a reason. There are lessons in it that I needed to hear.

It’s funny how that happens. Humans are weird creatures. It seems we are constantly at opposition with the things we desire and dream for ourselves versus the things that are quick, easy, and gratifying in the moment.

Why do we do that?

I’m sure long ago there was a biological necessity. But that also doesn’t make much sense to me. Maybe we are just weaker now than our ancestors were. People used to just get things done. You did what you had to do. You didn’t complain about it, well I’m sure some people did. Regardless, you just did. You knew in the end it was good for you. Even in the initial moments when you didn’t want to do it.

What has changed? Something has. It seems everyone is spending their time avoiding doing things they should actually be doing. I am certainly guilty of this.

Is it a Paradox of Choice type of thing going on. Do we have so many options that we are paralyzed to do something about it.

Maybe it is just “The Resistance” or something constantly fighting to maintain the status quo. I don’t really know. Somedays I win that fight, others I don’t. 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. In a grander sense.

I grew up religious. I went to church every Sunday, youth activities during the week. An hour of my school day was spent at a church facility near the school.

Once I was in High School I rebelled against this pretty hard. Pretty much doing away with all believes I had in anything that wasn’t backed by science. I refused to believe in anything that wasn’t concrete.

In a sense though I’ve always been jealous of religious people, it seems insane to me to believe something so strongly. To devote yourself to it. It seems so powerful.

Recently I’ve realized I do believe in the mystical in some sense. It’s not something I just have faith in. It’s something I’ve felt. There is some magic to it, if you will.

I think most creative people could attest to this. It doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of work. It quickly goes away if you lose momentum. But if you show up. You keep showing up. Piece after piece of awful writing. One day something else will be there. Guiding your fingers along the keys.

It’s not going to bring you fame or fortune. It won’t be this grandiose thing. It will be a whisper. A small idea. If you run with it, it can change things.

If you allow something beyond yourself to have a little control something amazing can be created.  If you just keep putting in the work. Someday you’ll be a part in creating something truly incredible.

But for now, it may just be a silly little piece. Same thing for tomorrow and the next day. I think that’s why you have to love the process. You have to love the doing. There are too many days where nothing good comes. If you don’t learn to love the process you’ll give up far too quickly.