In the neighborhood I grew up in there was a field at the top of the street. I think it used to be farm land of some sort, or someone used it to garden. I’m not really sure. But we spent a lot of time there. We’d play sports, camp out. Get into all sorts of shenanigans. When the sun had set and you looked across the field there was a cluster of colorful lights far off in the distance. I used to look across that field and think I was seeing Disneyland. It was so exciting to me to see such a magical place, it was so close. I’d look across the field and dream of going there. Oh how fun it would be.

I grew up in Utah so I certainly wasn’t seeing Disneyland. But, there is something so great about being young. When everything seems so magical. You look at the world with wonder. With each passing year I seem to forget about that a little more. Forget about seeing the world as an exciting place. I’m not quite sure how to change that. I’m going to though. Living just isn’t as wonderful, when you aren’t seeing all the beautiful things that are just within reach.