Relationships are scary.

Opening up to someone is scary.

Telling someone how you like to be kissed, how you like to be touched is scary.

Letting someone tell you you’re doing something wrong is scary.

There are a lot of new things you have to figure out with someone. You have to figure out how to talk about the hard stuff. Talking about light stuff tends to be easy. At least for me.

You get to learn how to be vulnerable. How to be around their friends. How to let go of some of your free time to be with them. You have to relearn how to sleep next to someone. In a bed that isn’t always yours.

You get to learn what makes them laugh. That a whole Sunday together can feel like only an hour. That being honest feels good. That five seconds of courage can open up a part of you, and them that you never thought you’d know.

It’s scary, I’ll give you that. But as they say nothing worth having ever comes easy.