It’s 5:00 AM. The alarm rings. I roll over. I’m not pressing snooze anymore. It’s a Sunday. I get up. Put on my shoes and head out for a run. This is the best hour of the day. There is no one around. The sun is rising. All I do is run. I don’t think about anything but my stride. My breathe. Oh gosh, I’m out of shape. But I just keep running. It feels incredible.  

I’m starting another sixty day adventure of sorts. Running. I love running. I’ve stopped doing it often because I am lame. So to trick myself into getting obsessed again I am doing it for sixty days. Starting yesterday. It felt great to be back. There is something so rewarding about waking up before the rest of the world to do something most people don’t enjoy. It’s a testament to something. I haven’t quite figured out what yet.

I’m going to do a little running series as I progress throughout the next few weeks. So this is Part 1. More to come on running. And whatever else I think about.