Before the end of this year I’ll have lived a quarter of my life. That’s if my lucky, and get to live to 100. I don’t like birthdays, I don’t like the reminder that I am aging. The reminder that I am not where I had always envisioned I’d be. They scare me, comparing where I actually am with where I intended to be. It’s hard. Self-imposed ‘hard’ of course. But I think maybe I should set myself some better markers. I’ve always measured a year by financial success, which isn’t really working out for me. Hell, I’ll only be 25 so I think it’s okay to choose different things to measure my success by. I could measure hours spent with loved ones, hikes with my dog, words written, jokes made, games played. I think there are a lot better ways to measure the success of year than simply how your career progressed. So I’ll start focusing on all the other things that matter to me, and maybe this year having a birthday won’t be so bad.