I’ve been ruined by romantic comedies. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve watched a lot of them in my day. It’s created this weird sense of nostalgia in me. Where I  long for something that I’ve never actually experienced.  It’s not the part of the movie that people usually long for. It’s not the romantic partner part. It’s the family parts. It’s the going home for the holidays, playing charades around the fire, laughing at the little ones. Those are the parts I long for. So much so that I’ve always wanted to move away from where my family lives so that I can have those moments around the holidays. Which is a bit absurd because I can hang out with them whenever I want now. But a little piece of my mind things it would be so much more fun to only see them a few times a year, maybe I’d appreciate them more.

It’s this strange persistent thought that always seems to be floating around my mind. What it really boils down to is that I want Thanksgiving or Christmas time tp be like they were when we were kids, where we are all staying in the same house. I want those times back, when we all woke up together on Christmas morning and no one went home that night. We had to stay together, even if we got annoyed with each other. I want that back, and if I lived out of state and came home for the holidays. I’d get piece of that back. Isn’t that funny how minds work. I swear we are just always doing things to get back to being a kid again. It seems that way at least.