Good friends are hard to come by. The kind that you’re totally yourself around. That you can call in the middle of the night when your SO and you are fighting. The kind of friends that are just great to be around, whether you’re getting your butt kicked in Mario Kart, or you’re at a party. These types of friends don’t come around very often. So it’s pretty special when they do. I can count on 1.5 hands how many good friends I’ve had in my life so far. So it’s not a title I take lightly.

One of these friends had a birthday yesterday, she’s practically an old lady now. Like the space case I am I totally forgot it was her birthday until midway through the day. (In my defense, we celebrated it over the weekend, and I’d already given her her gift)

This is for you. As an apology, and as a reminder. If you ever forgets how spectacular you are.

I didn’t really understand forgiveness until I met you. I’m the type to pretty easily cut people out of my life if they do any sort of wrong. I know that sounds harsh, and I’m learning to be a bit more forgiving. But you, you just forgive. You do it easily, you seem to give people the benefit of the doubt and realize everyone is human. You move forward, and don’t hold it over their head. We all mess up. You believe that and you have this ability to see through it.

You have grit like I’ve never seen. Life has handed you a whole lot of punches. You’ve been up, down and all around. Anyway the cookie crumbles you manage to get yourself back up on the horse and keep going. Whether that means working several jobs, late hours, or sacrificing anytime you have to yourself you do what is necessary. You aren’t afraid of hard work, and you have the work ethic to prove that. Even if you despise what you’re doing, you will make sure you’re the best at it.

Even with a lot of heartbreaks under your belt you still believe in love, in romance. As a former cynic I find that to be pretty incredible. If there is anyone who “deserves” to be a grump when it comes to love it would be you. But you aren’t. You keep trying, you keep loving. I hope someday love will find you back.

While this list could go on I’ll spare you the cheesiness. I’ve spent most of my life not realizing that real friends exists. People who accept you without question, challenge you on your bullshit, who love unconditionally. I’m very grateful that I’ve found this in you. You’ve managed to open the door for me to find it in other people as well. Thank you for that. Happy Birthday. Thirty one is going to be your year.