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Month: January 2017


I’m a serial starter.

I start books, TV shows, projects, planners, blogs, screenplays. I start everything. But I rarely finish. There is power in quitting. But sometimes you need to power through. Sometimes you have to finish.

From this day forward I’m becoming a serial finisher. There’s no chance of becoming anything if you don’t finish. An unfinished book is never published. An unfinished product never launches. An unfinished screenplay never wins the Oscar.

The final stretch is hard. But when you do finish it’s worth the work.

Practice makes Perfect.

Last night I found a video of Louis CK doing standup.

It was old, it wasn’t dated but it had to be near the beginning of his career. It was great to watch. He kept bombing jokes and awkwardly moving on to the next one. He didn’t have the storytelling flow like he does now. It was amazing to see that. It made me realize, one of the greatest comics, started somewhere. He had to practice everyday to get good, to figure out what worked. He had to perfect his craft. It was reassuring.

I wasn’t born the smartest pea in the pod, or the most talented. But I have an excellent work ethic. I may never be JK Rowling, or Stephen King. However, with a lot of hard work someday I’ll be an amazing writer.

We are all plastic. We can create ourselves. As cliche as it is, you can be whatever, whoever you want to be. You just have to work for it.


I recently learned to juggle. Over New Years I was in Vegas visiting family. My sister had some juggling balls on the table. I told myself I was going to learn to juggle that weekend. I did. I’m by no means good at it yet but I can indeed juggle with three balls. Which is a very rewarding experience.

I was talking to my brother about how juggling is a great exercise in mindfulness. It’s one of those things that you need to focus on, but if you focus too much you’ll mess it up. I feel like life is a lot like that too. You have to put in the work. Certainly. But you have to have fun. You have to play. You can’t focus too much. I think there’s something to learn in everything. Even something as fun, and silly as juggling.

January 23, 2017

Sometimes you lose sight of the things that matter. You get wrapped up in your own head. Worrying about all your woes, and everything going wrong. You forget to be grateful. You forget how lucky you are. Sometimes it just takes a little perspective.

I was sitting in the Midway, Chicago Airport. I’d been there all day. I was watching people walk by, everyone was headed somewhere. A smile spread across my face. Life is beautiful, I thought. It took some time for that to sink in. It’s taken me awhile to pull myself out of my head. I have a new perspective now. Or maybe I’m back to my old perspective. Either way, I’m elated to be here. I finally feel like I’m back.

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