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What do you want?

You have to determine what you want.

What do you want out of a relationship?

What do you want in your “career”?

What do you want your 20s to be like?

If you don’t determine what you want you’ll just float along headed nowhere. As you evolve the things that are important will change. Or life will happen and you’ll be forced to change the things you want.

But you must know them. Knowing determines whether you take that job, read that book, date that person who is really awesome, but, maybe smokes too much.

Know the path you’re taking. The journey you’re on. But don’t be so attached to it that you aren’t willing to be flexible, and have a little fun along the way.

The Journey Ahead

Growing never stops. You think you have arrived somewhere only to be punched in the face with the realization that you aren’t even close to the destination. Getting punched sucks.

All you can do from here is keep moving forward. Keep progressing. Keep doing things that make you smile. One day you’ll look up, and realize you’ve healed.

For now, I am just taking the punches. As they come flying at me I am smiling. The journey ahead is scary. But boy, is it exciting.

Running, Part 1

It’s 5:00 AM. The alarm rings. I roll over. I’m not pressing snooze anymore. It’s a Sunday. I get up. Put on my shoes and head out for a run. This is the best hour of the day. There is no one around. The sun is rising. All I do is run. I don’t think about anything but my stride. My breathe. Oh gosh, I’m out of shape. But I just keep running. It feels incredible.  

I’m starting another sixty day adventure of sorts. Running. I love running. I’ve stopped doing it often because I am lame. So to trick myself into getting obsessed again I am doing it for sixty days. Starting yesterday. It felt great to be back. There is something so rewarding about waking up before the rest of the world to do something most people don’t enjoy. It’s a testament to something. I haven’t quite figured out what yet.

I’m going to do a little running series as I progress throughout the next few weeks. So this is Part 1. More to come on running. And whatever else I think about.

Sixty Posts!

Woah. I have posted something everyday for the last sixty days. That is pretty wild. Here is what I learned.

Writing everyday is hard. Somedays you don’t have it in you. But you have to keep writing.

Of the sixty posts I feel like I had one or two really great ones. It takes a lot of tries to get good stuff. You just have to keep going.

When you know you have to write something you see the world differently. You notice more. You pay attention to the people around you. You pay attention to the world around you.

As a final note I am going to keep posting. I’m not sure if it will be everyday. Or a few times a week. I haven’t quite figured that part out. But I will still be here.

Writing about the things I notice.

Post 59.

These are exactly the words I need today.

The ones I need the people I love to know.


There is a wall clock by my desk. It’s broken. The second hand stops for five seconds. Then it sprints forward five seconds. It does this all day.

That exactly how time feels. Some moments everything is stopped. The world isn’t moving. Other moments it’s sprinting at light speed. Before you know it half the year has passed. I wonder what happens when you are perfectly present. Perfectly unaware that anything is passing us by.

A Lion sleeps most of the day, and that’s all he is doing. He just sleeps. When he wakes up and starts running. That is all he is doing. He is running.

A guy named Boyd Varty said “The way life is right now is full of joy and everything you need.”

We should be a little more like Lions. Just be here. After all here has everything we need.


It seems like change happens in an instant. At least the catalyst for change. It happens in a moment. I can tell you the moments I have changed. The moments throughout my life that have had a major impact on the person I am today.

But does that change happen in an instant? Or is it simply a spark.

If you do something about the spark your life can change forever. Or you ignore the spark and you remain the same person day after day wondering why things aren’t getting better. So listen. Don’t wait for  a spark, take action. But pay attention. If you have spark, if that moment hits you. You have to go for it. Or always wonder…what if?

Think like a kid.

This TED talk perfectly sums up my feelings for today.

I believe in optimism, in innovation, and being wild enough to believe that we can change the world.

As we grow up we get hit with a lot of different things that aim to tear down these beliefs. Bills, jobs, the news. All these things pick at us. Turn us into pessimists, realists, cynics.

We don’t have to let them. We can choose to be optimistic. We can choose to be delusional about the positive impact we can have on the planet. Even if we keep getting beat down. Even if the world keeps telling us no. We can rise above that.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” This applies to everything. No one can make you a pessimist. No one can make you feel like dreaming is childish.

So don’t let them.  

Afternoon Tiredness

I’ve been thinking about ways to maximize my energy.


By the time 2:00 O’clock rolls around I am ready for a nap. I try to stop drinking caffeine before two, because if I drink it after I have trouble sleeping at night. I’ve been trying a few things. Playing with when and what I eat for lunch. Getting more sleep. It just seems that whatever I do when two rolls around I get smacked in the face with tiredness. ‘
What do you do to avoid afternoon tiredness? I’m trying to convince myself that I am the 1% of people who require ten hours of sleep to function normally throughout the day. But probably something else is going on and I need to get to the bottom of it.

Father’s Day

Dad’s don’t get as much credit as Mom’s.

My Dad has always been the quiet hero in my life. He’s a small town man and managed to get stuck with five kids who are far from “normal”. I’m sure his life is nothing that he imagined it being, but he loves every minute of it.

He has given me everything. Shown me that through love everything is possible.

I hope one day I can manage to be as incredible of a human being as he is.

I can’t seem to find the words to express how much he means to me and how grateful I am for him to be my dad. He definitely deserves a “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt.

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